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Het Taalhuis gives Dutch language lessons to women on Mondays and Wednesdays from 09.30am till 11:30am.                                                                                              
Based on an intake interview our coordinator determines in which group the student will be placed. If there is still space in the group students can enroll during the academic year. We would like to point out to our students that it is important to take classes twice a week, if possible from the start in September. This remains the choice and the responsibility of the student.


The first step to learn Dutch is to schedule an intake interview. During this conversation, your intake coordinator explains all you need to know about Het Taalhuis. At this point it is also determined at which level the student will enroll.

Intake interviews usually take place on Wednesdays between 10.00 and 11 o'clock.

To request an intake, please click the button below for the online form. If you have any problems filling in the form, plese contact us by email at info@hettaalhuisroosendaal.nl  .


Het Taalhuis offers six teaching levels: from teaching women who speak little or no Dutch to teaching at level B2.

We work with small classes with a maximum of 8 to 15 students, depending on the level.

Usually lessons are given by two volunteers per class, to ensure enough attention for everyone.



The volunteer teachers support the group by giving explanations, practicing with students, answering questions and checking assignments. During the lessons they practice reading, listening, speaking (incuding pronounciation) and writing. The volunteers stimulate, motivate and ensure a pleasant atmosphere in the group. Some of our volunteers have a lifelong experience in education. All volunteer teachers are motivated to help their students and they are all native speakers with a good knowledge of the Dutch language. The teachers determine the content and pace of the lessons based on the general level of knowledge and progress in their group, but they strive to complete the NT2 course book they use. 


Het Taalhuis does not use official exams for the language lessons and does not issue diplomas.

We do NOT offer specific training for the Civic Integration Exam or the State Exam. In the 2 highest levels - B1 and B2 - some students prepare independently for the State Exam NT2 Program 1 or 2. The teachers offer them support in this regard.


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Babysitting services

For student’s children from 6 months to 4 years old on Wednesdays

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Third-party liability insurance (WA - wettelijke aansprakelijkheid) is mandatory for every student.

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